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Day five: favourite kiss!

It’s a tie! So, I think that Ariel and Eric is a big one because they really waited for their kiss, I mean, lots of the disney couples did, but I mean like their kiss was Ariel’s hope for freedom and a life with her true love, and I imagine that that would have just added so much to a kiss that would already have been magical. 

Then there’s Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene). This may be more next-generation disney, so I was skeptical at first, but when I did watch it, I realized that that’s exactly the kind of love story want. Where it’s unexpected, not necessarily wanted but happens despite yourself. Where someone who wouldn’t typically be thought of as a “romantic” ends up falling hopelessly in love. Their kiss was very special because she had thought she lost him and her hope was returned and She was overjoyed.

Can you tell that I’m a hopeless romantic? Nah, didn’t think so ;)